? The Essence of Red: SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS! ?

Aka, get free stuff for the Essence of Red campaign! These mythical animals are common cultural references that might be familiar to you!

? Visit the kickstarter here: ?

If we have 250 likes, it unlocks:

  • One 2″ Hard Enamel Pin (Qilin)
  • Free Postcard Addition to Orders*

If we have 200 reblogs, it unlocks:

  • One 2″ Hard Enamel Pin (Huli jing)
  • Free Fu Dogs Sticker Addition to Orders*

The extra unlocks are by artists on our current roster. @isvoc is the artist of the Qilin postcard, and @koboldart is the artist of the fu dogs stickers. *Both unlocks are added to 2+ pin pledges in the Essence of Red campaign.

Note: You can check out the Twitter and Instagram posts (second post)! If either reach the goal, that universally unlocks the rewards.