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I really struggle with figuring out how to draw armor, this was my first mock up of a character that has a more or less important role in act one of a webcomic I’m working on. She’s a general, and I’m more or less trying to pin down something more or less pretty basic in terms of her armor. She’s only going to be shown in armor a few times. (I’ve included her more prominent outfit. The king’s color is royal purple.)

This is already a few months old, and absolutely atrocious now that I’m looking at it again (the pauldron and cuirass and wow everything)…especially now that I need to start actually working on her because she’s going to be showing up in pages soon. 

Could you maybe steer me in the right direction for something that’s not ungodly boring to look at? (and feasible?)

I’d gladly take any suggestions on the other outfit, too. 

Hope this helps!

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I dedicate this reblog to askarthurgabriel, who also asked for a critique on a female armor design he’s preparing.

My reply is going to be published later today!

This is a very neat thing that I think you guys might like!


fake novel meme — science fiction + ANGELS


They didn’t find any little green men.

Or Klingons or Vogons or the fuckers from Alien. No one stumbled into the cantina scene from Star Wars, is what she’s trying to say. Instead, there was a blast of eyeball-searing divine light and several dozen celestial choirs crying out as the space shuttle crash-landed on the ninth sphere. And while angels look like a lot of things—waveforms, mechanoids, living fire, a grab-bag of animal heads and limbs—little green men are nowhere on the list.

Look, Commander Joanna Cross never imagined that humanity’s first contact with extraterrestrial life would also be its first experience of the divine, okay? But in the wake of Themisto’s crash and the discovery of Heaven as a place reachable via galactic coordinate system, she finds herself playing ambassador—to a place she once believed was a fairytale cooked up in the 2nd century AD. With inhabitants that could be the spawn of Megatron and Hieronymus Bosch. Plus, reporters won’t stop asking if she’s met Jesus yet.

Joanna is not a very happy camper about it.

Luckily, neither is her angelic counterpart, Zadkiel. A bad liar (despite the eight mouths) and a worse snob, the pair of them make thoroughly unlikely diplomats. But as tensions between Earth and the Ninth Sphere begin to boil over, they may need to rely on one another—to avoid a war that would consume the very cosmos.


KNAPP The Post – war collection A/W 2012/2013
Costume design and styling Antonia Yordanova
Photography and post production Diliana Florentin
Jewellery design Milko Boyarov
Make-up Slav
Hair styling Dani Molchovska @ Arlet Hair studio
Model Pirina @ Ivet Fashion MA
Supported by Sonja Dimitrova

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