Now for a 24-hour observation period.

7: So I ate a piece of pizza. As an experiment. And had some quinoa at the same time so it wouldn’t just be pizza in my stomach. And I’m not feeling BAD, but I’m not feeling super good. It’s hard to tell.
L: Hm
7: You know you’re a 5 when: This might have made me ill, let me take it in a smaller dose and see what happens.
L: ahaha
L: I mean no, I don’t ever do that. >>










Winston Smith from 1984, Howard Hughes from Aviator, Rose Dawson from Titanic

Leslie Knope, Jack Donaghy, and Abed Nadir. So fuck you, zombies. You’re hella screwed.

I’ve got Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants, Daenerys Targaryen and John Sheppard. Bring it zombies. Fucking Bring It.

Hoo boy.  I’ve got Steve McQueen (the director, not the action star, which is just as well, as the action star would be on the other team), Cal Lightman from Lie To Me, and Eminem from 8 Mile.

I… I don’t even actually know.  I mean, Steve would be busy trying to film them, Cal would be able to tell if they were… lying… and Eminem would be likely to grab the nearest baseball bat/stick/shovel and start laying into them, screaming like a maniac the whole time.

Eminem is probably my best hope.  I better stay on his good side.

This is totally unfair, as the last thing I was playing was a roleplaying game with an original character, who happens to be a death mage, who would happily eat zombies for lunch. On top of that is Temperance Brennan from Bones, and Laura Doherty, who is the leader of a toddler song-and-dance class here in Chicago. So not only would the zombies all be dead, we’d know what caused the zombpocalypse, and the kids would all be happy and nap well.

Erica 1, zombies 0.

Mark Twain, Mary Ann Singleton, and Adrian Monk.

I….I dunno.

I can only hope that Monk’s fear of being messily torn limb from limb will make him comply with the surely-brilliant plan Twain would come up with. His OCD and sense of the subtle probably wouldn’t be so useful in the face of a zombie horde. I’m sure Mary Ann would be resourceful and tricksy enough to help, however, especially if we’re talking about her younger years (never mind that I just read the book about her older years).

But no matter what, this is an evading zombies team, not a blowing the crap out of them team.

Winston Churchill.

Twilight Sparkle.

Sonic the Hedgehog.

Guys, I’ve got this one in the bag.

Mal from Firefly, a Grey Warden, and…David Attenborough

Ahaha, accidentally hitting reblog instantly. >>a Well since I reblogged it anyway, might as well answer it, so… There’s not exactly a single protagonist from the last thing I watched (Criminal Minds), so do I just get the entire BAU team? Plus. Hm. … Okay the second one is ASOIF, so I don’t know what that gets me either. Are there even protagonists in those books? And … Jon Stewart.

If I get the Night’s Watch in on it and the BAU organizes the effort and Stewart … publicizes the event, I guess that could work out. But then again, if the rest of the ASOIF cast gets involved we’d probably just have ASOIF: 2012.