Disney Princesses, Deconstructed

…Actually, I always thought Belle was smart. SHE AT LEAST READS BOOKS, COME ON NOW.

Hrm… true, but it isn’t actually her intelligence that saves the Beast but her ~*love*~. I mean she doesn’t research spells and deconstruct the one on him or something, she just sits in his castle, talks to his staff, and is nice to him. … I’m not sure I’d say it’s her sexuality, exactly, since he doesn’t seem to fall for her because she’s pretty/seducing, but it’s not really because she’s smart either. More because she does “womanly” things like take care of the house and be soft where the Beast is rough. And Gaston totally reduces her to a mere sex object multiple times. I mean when she tried to appeal to the village with logic and proof, they locked her up and called her crazy. And I suppose you could also argue she has Stockholm syndrome…

I … was going to actually draw something for this post, it being post 100 or something, but owell.