For real though: try to stop complimenting other people by putting yourself down. I used to do it all the time too, and it was the wooooorst habit. It probs makes the person you’re complimenting uncomfortable and it’s just plain ol’ being mean to yourself.

I keep meaning to take a jar to conventions and label it “If I had a nickel for every time someone told me they:

1- Can’t draw stick figures

2- Can’t draw a straight line

3- Can’t draw a circle

4- Can’t even trace”

and hold it up to people and say “You owe me a nickel.” And then at the end of the con I’d have a great meal. Of steak. And beer. And pay with my full jar of nickels, and have plenty left over for the tip. 

Seriously. This happens way too often, and frustrates me because learning to draw is not that hard. You used to do it when you were a kid, and then you stopped. It just requires a LOT of practice to get good at it, but everyone can draw if they put in the time.