A preview of the first chapter of Black Sun Rising, a big personal project I’ve had in the works for the last year! I finished a chunk of it for my undergrad senior thesis, and am currently working on the logistics of what the future holds for the rest of it, but I wanted to share the tip of the iceberg with all of y’all!  






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I like to imagine both Superman and Batman unconsciously emit a sort of “god I wish everyone was wearing hotpants” telepathic vibe that J’onn picked up on. 

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#I like how supes is like ‘oh a shapeshifter’ while bats is like ‘whAT IN THE  S H I T’







I have always imagined the American magical community in Harry Potter to be significantly less… structured than that of Britain. America is just so big, and the states can be so different, and history is so fucked up and complicated that a whole secret society with a completely separate government and people who’re totally clueless about the muggle world just makes no sense to me.

American wix participate in general elections and watch tv and their kids go to muggle school during the day and learn magic at home or in after-school programs and play quidditch and football and only your great grandma has owls while everyone else just has a phone and generally don’t obliviate muggles who see magic shit bc lol who’s gonna believe them anyway.

And European wix haaaate dealing with them bc they won’t do things the Proper Magical Way they just do whatever the fuck they want bc AMERICA FUCK YEAH.

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And then you’ve got the Pennsylvania Dutch and Native American nations and New Orleans and other areas where large swathes of the population are like, “Well duh there’s magic. Hugh down at the end of the street lays hexes on my vegetable garden for the kids who keep trying to steal them and I give him a bag of tomatoes every month.”

#like it’s not offensive in the same way#but it’s patently obvious JKR doesn’t understand American or its history at all#and yeah#no way would american magic-users consent to that kind of structure

@monstermoonshine and i once talked about this extensively and decided that the american wizarding government should be called FBOM, the federal bureau of magic, with the O left in for Humor Purposes

#I love how every American looked at jkr’s american wizardry#and then promptly threw it in the harbor with the tea#nah jkr nah we ain’t doin it your way