When we are quite certain that something is going to happen, we use 要 yào.

When we wanna express the chance (potential, probability), we use 会 huì.

This is a correction of a visual that I posted some time ago, where I translated 我要去 as I WILL GO, which isn’t as accurate as this translation. Sorry for slightly misguiding you.


hey! so i really love seeing fanart and fanfic focused on fat characters. it makes me feel good and safe and encouraged. i doubt i’m the only one feeling that way.
the problem is, most spaces on tumblr and other sites like ao3 that focus on fat characters are full of weight gain kink (usually of characters that are thin in canon) rather than actual positive depictions of fat people being people who lead lives and have adventures while being fat. it’s really frustrating and kind of upsetting.
i propose #fatfandom be a panfandom tag for non-fetish fanwork focused on fat characters. this includes fanart, fanfic, fanmixes, cosplay, etc.
general rules for the tag i’m gonna lay down right now are:
-no fat fetish/weight gain content, as there are lots of other places for that
-no oppressive or bigoted rhetoric (ableism, racism, cissexism, etc)
-remember to warn for content involving eating disorders or medical themes
-ideally, keep the focus on characters who are canonically fat, but non-fetishy depictions of canon thin characters as fat is ok too

please reblog this even if you aren’t interested in contributing!