been developing a headcanon for canonical christian lore with these guys. my angel characters pretty much all start out as expressions of myself in some way and then sorta morph into their own thing and that’s what happened with these guys. i am not 100% accurate on my angel/bible lore because i only read enough to get the brain goin in a manner of speaking, usually, then i alter things to fit in with what i want to see from angel characters. i WANT to get more into actual biblical lore because it’s very interesting to me, but reading is really hard for me for whatever reason. oh well.



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@tasteslikefail, have you seen this?

@rmromeroauthor … I feel like you’ve probably read at least half of these already but in case you haven’t seen this.


Please don’t let your hero worship of JKR (or your love of Harry Potter) make you an opponent to Native people trying to voice why Ilvermorny is problematic. Please, I’m begging you, just try to keep an open mind, be respectful, and listen to what Native readers are saying. If you’ve formed your opinions on Ilvermorny based entirely on things that white people have written, you are missing a critical perspective.

Here is a curated list of Native writings on Ilvermorny. I know Harry Potter means a lot to us, and I know it sucks to recognize that JKR may have really fucked up here, but you owe it to Native readers to at least hear their words before you brush them off.






The fact that Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellen are best friends in real life makes me so happy




Never stops making me smile. I want someone like this in my life. ?

Okay so the best thing,the best thing about Sirs Patrick & Ian being best friends is that they met because of the X-Men movie.

I saw Sir Patrick speak a year or so ago and someone asked him about their friendship.  He told this story about how I think they’d once or twice worked on the same production but had had very little interaction, and that when he’d been a kid, he’d utterly looked up to Sir Ian, who had had an established theater career at a very young age. 

People assume that they’ve been friends since they were young, which makes sense given the sort of work they’ve done and their career trajectories, but no. Sir Patrick basically had a giant hero-crush-from-a-distance on Sir Ian for most of his life AND THEN on the set of X-Men, their trailers were put next to each other and they were significantly older than anyone else on the set, so they started spending their downtime together. 

And became inseparable.  And this is amazing. 

So everyone who wants a friend like this, you have time. <3