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For all the depth and detail Bioware put into Mass Effect’s sapient races, the wildlife of the galaxy is severely lacking in my opinion. There’s got to be more than just varren, maws, shifty-looking cows, and pyjaks.


A whole lot of krogan temper in a much smaller package


The only surviving relative of the drell


A species rescued from the brink of extinction by the geth


Javik finds this animal’s meat to be a poor substitute for salarian liver


Like an electric eel, but with biotics


The turians once tried to domesticate the Palavenian lion, with limited success


Rice Porridge from Princess Mononoke

About 2 years ago, back when I (K) ran this blog by myself, I
decided to make the porridge from Princess
. I wrote my recipe, made some breakfast, and took my photo. I then
promptly lost the recipe, ate the porridge, and let the photo sit in my

How very responsible of me.

Anywhoo, I’m sitting awake last night at 2 in the morning,
staring and my ceiling and thinking ‘holy cow I’m hungry’. And since I’m me I start
to think about all the things I want to be eating. Images of pancakes, curries,
and sushi flash through my mind, but I get stuck on the thought of Miso soup. But
I don’t have any tofu so it would be miso broth. And then my brain adds rice,
egg, basil, sesame oil and soy sauce to the broth and by then I’ve both planned
out my breakfast and made myself hungry for the rest of the night.

So new recipe, new breakfast, new photo. (And for those of you who
have stuck around long enough to see how I took pictures two years ago, I think
the new photo part is key!) The recipe is under the cut.

-MJ & K

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Please consider: reverse manticores


ok but, this isnt a mermaid kinda deal, where you can just flip two bits and be done with it. a manticore has PARTS

theres a lot of other interpretations of em out there, but for simplicity lets say theres four defining Big Features to work with that i can swap around

first up, the back bit (scorpion tail) and front bit (human face) are switched, giving us a scorpion face. if we were being really accurate the scorpions entire head actually consists of a lot more legs, but were not, so it doesnt

then instead of a lion body, its a bat body, swapping with the wings and giving us, incredibly, another fucking pair of bat wings

this would be the bit where the human tail goes in but guess what

and then I GUESS instead of bat wings, the reverse scorpion would have LION WINGS !! but theres no such thing so we gotta go with the closest equivalent, which is just a big ol goddamn pair of lion arms

oh yeah. oh FUCK yeah. the a n t i c o r e


Here are some Team Mystic blackwork patterns! They’re 101×104 stitched 1 over aida, and the first pattern has an additional evenweave/linen symmetrical version. The rough edges on the borderless versions do not require ¼ stitches; I was just lazy in Photoshop. (If you are new to blackwork, the lighter sections do not have have to be a lighter colour floss; they can be e.g. 1 strand of floss whereas the darker sections are 2 strands and will look similar to this. Or, of course, it can all be one colour/weight.)

Valor and Instinct to follow.

If you use one I’d ask that you donate to the Fred Hollows Foundation! Thank you and please enjoy!

I’m available for blackwork pattern commissions. Message me if you’re interested!