Sailor Moon S


Watching Sailor Moon… accidentally some fanart. Lol I don’t know how to anime.

Reblogging myself, because I can? I finished Sailor Moon S. More or less, anyway. Sailor Moon is one of the things I don’t entirely pay attention to when I put it on, sometimes, and since my Japanese is not 100%, I’m not even catching as much out of that as I would if it was in English (which I still end up missing a lot of, a lot of the time, if I’m not concentrating).

Anyway, this season was more interesting than the first two. Even though Haruka and Michiru are kind of dicks. (I say this with love for their dickery.) And the time travel in this show is like. Time travel often is a little lulzy. But this time travel doesn’t ever make any sort of sense. Pluto comments that she’s from the future, and thus … should have known how things would unfold (I assume Neo Queen Serenity was acting with this in mind, because she sends Chibi Usa back and is like PS. MAKE A FRIEND… I MEAN FRIENDS), so she’s either extremely dense not to know what’s up with the Messiah or Hotaru, or hilariously trolling to just be like, “Well, you all have to figure it out for yourselves. C:”

Meanwhile, there’s really no sensible reason you should be sending your daughter off to be raised by your teenage selves, just saying…

I am not even sure why I never posted this earlier?


3.14159265358979323846… in the Sky

Earlier today, I got to witness Zero1 Biennial’s Pi in the Sky, the first 1,000 numbers of pi in skywriting in a loop around the San Francisco Bay Area. It was really neat; it looked like the dot-matrix digits just appeared out of the air because I couldn’t see the planes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t capture any decent photos. The one I posted was taken by Jim Stone, whose Potrero Hill location was the closest (of the ones on the Pi in the Sky Facebook page) to what I saw from my workplace’s rooftop.