The Island of Gont, Ogion’s House, and the Fountain Courtyard of Roke

For my junior mini-thesis, I focused on my interest in visual development and my desire to improve my environments. The subject I chose was Ursula K. Le Guin’s A Wizard of Earthsea. Having grown up with the first three Earthsea books, trying to concretely visualize a world I’ve loved since childhood was a bit daunting, but a very fun challenge nonetheless! I’d like to do more someday.


so we all know about Lebannen’s massive, totally unsubtle crush on Ged, right?  well, I’ve decided that bi!Lebannen and Seserakh totally discuss cute guys together.  only they have totally different types, so whenever Lebannen thinks someone’s cute, Seserakh always shoots him down and is like, “you are so lucky you married me because you have absolutely no taste whatsoever.”

Went to the Pacific Northwest for a week. Normally I’m landlocked in an area with low Japanese population and have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to get anything shipped. So I went to a couple bookstores in Oregon (Powells) and Washington (Kinokuniya), while I was there, and got some awesome deals.

Gals!, the first book of Earthsea, and the two 国語 books were from Powells, for a steal of $18 total. The others were from Kinokuniya. 日本人の知らない日本語 has been on my wishlist on White Rabbit for a while, but I don’t know that I’m quite ready to read them, so I didn’t want to pay the shipping for it. Apparently vol 4 is also new, too. The store clerk commented on it since she’d read the first three, but didn’t know 4 was out already. They had a workbook in the same set that didn’t seem wholly worth it to me, and one that I might get sometime, but not sure how useful it is to me so much as entertaining as an English-speaker, since it was about the things Japanese people mess up when using English (saying things like “I like street walking” not realizing the double meaning to that phrase, etc).

Aside from Gals! which actually was vol. 1, FMA and Hourou Musuko were not the volumes I wanted (I need FMA #2 and wanted to start from #1 of Hourou Musuko), but I figure I have to get them eventually, so at least picked up a couple of each.

I’m ridiculously excited about Earthsea, though, you have no idea.