Update-wise, I’m somewhere around lesson 20 in the second set of Pimsleur, which is back into giving directions, which I have learned something like four times now and still never seems to quite stick. I suppose on the other hand, I generally go blank when people try to give me directions in English without just writing me a map, though, so probably it’s just always going to be a bit of a problem for me, whatever lanaguage I use.

Was looking up the CEFR levels to kind of see where I was at in those, and I think I’m feeling like I’m only about A2 on input (listening outside of conversations and reading), but edging more solidly into B1 for output, which is interesting, since at the beginning of the year I was feeling more like my output was far below my input, and now it seems reversed.

Keep getting confused with ni/he/de, lately, where I know a lot of the time ni can be used interchangeably with he or occasionally de, but half the time I end up getting corrected for using the wrong one anyway, so I feel like I’m missing some connotation somewhere.

Also watched 千と千尋の神隠し over the weekend, with friends so with subtitles on, but I was catching some things without reading it, which was fun. I’m thinking I’d like to rewatch it without subs. The first time I saw it was actually when it was premiering in Japan, and I went with my cousin but had almost no idea what was going on. So it’s in some ways a sort of interesting marker for me of progression whenever I rewatch it and realize what else I can get out of it.

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