Whoops, haven’t updated in a while.

I kept being too tired to really use Pimsleur on my drive for a while… kind of ended up listening to the same couple lessons over and over again, but still feeling like I was missing a lot of it, but I’ve started doing those again so I’m up to 14 in series 2.

Doing a bit of readthekanji, but not as much as I was for a while there, so I’m only through about 1/5th of the N4 words still, but accuracy’s closer to 70% now, which is good.

And I kind of stopped reading CCS again, but I have been watching a bit more anime. Watched through Kids on the Slope which I liked quite a bit, and now I’m borrowing my roommate’s copies of Sailor Moon to finally watch… all of it. I’m in R now, sooo, still a ways to go (I have yet to get to the episodes I didn’t see via the dub forever ago). I sort of keep the subtitles on, but don’t literally watch it all the time, so it’s more of an ear-thing, where I can just check if I think I understood something.

It’s nice noticing things that transfer from one set of learning tools to another, like. I’d never noticed anyone using あいにく before I heard it in Pimsleur, but it’s been used several times in Sailor Moon?

Still doing lessons with JOI, too, though I think after I finish up with the soon-to-expire flex lessons (next month?), I’m actually going to drop down to just my weekly private lessons out of lack of time.

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